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2021 was a breakthrough year for the adoption of crypto assets. The NFT market surpassed $40 Billion, and decentralized finance assets topped $100 Billion. The crypto-assets ecosystem is still in its infancy and is constantly evolving!

At Re.invested, we help you stay ahead of the curve and break down crypto trends.

Here’s the program:

  • Crypto Market Roundup

  • Bite-sized Trend Reports

What’s in it for you?

1. Bite-Sized Trend Reports

We identify and break down crypto trends saving you hours on research to spot the next big crypto trend.

What’s trending? what’s the global search interest? who are the market leaders? what are the key barriers & challenges to adoption? How can I invest in this trend? We answer these questions in our lite and pro trend reports. As a member, we send you these reports months before we publish them on our free trends report database.

2. Thematic Crypto Portfolios

Get access to thematic crypto portfolios on our website to help you build crypto portfolios with exposure to the top crypto trends and themes such as the Metaverse, smart contracts, and Web 3.

3. Crypto Market Roundup

We help you stay informed by curating the most exciting crypto content and news you should know about each week.  

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